Academic System of Hanshiyiquan

Master Han Jingchen

Hanshiyiquan (“HSYQ”) has its academic system essentially founded on the natural school of thoughts about the universe and the life in the traditional Chinese culture. The core principle of HSYQ is:

Natural conditions →natural evolution→natural results

HSYQ has developed an innovative interpretation about “Jin” and its essence in traditional Chinese martial arts. It also centers on Jin run through the entire training process. In this way, it has created a complete, simple, operable and unique art and system.

HSYQ clearly states that in modern days, objectively speaking, the fundamental principles and training rules concerning modern athletics have long been non-different from each other, be they eastern or western, traditional or modern. They are essentially the same, despite their maybe different names, forms or cultural expressions. However, they are vastly different as between heaven and earth from the orthodox traditional Chinese martial art school and its expressions, as the orthodox traditional Chinese school tells about a totally different human movement mechanism.

From the teaching perspective, HSYQ has followed the ancient saying that “A teacher should solve what puzzles his students.” Its training process builds on the traditional model of “oral teaching, body showing and exchange between the teacher and the student.”

Moreover, HSYQ has one requirement for its students, which is each student must train by himself to feel and verify any and all theories and rules. To learn the art means to finally to find your own style by yourself.

The above are just a very broad summary of the art.
(Translated by Ren Qingtao)

© Han Jingchen 2015