Core Principles of HSYQ

Master Han Jingchen

Motto:  Our mottos are “the natural state,” “synchronization”, and “hold it.”

Rules of movements in HSYQ:

Typical movements:  All movements are typical and meant to provide you with a process for you to experience it. It is important what you experience in the process…. rather than whether your movement is up to the standard or not.


Main purpose of teaching in HSYQ:

The HSYQ teaching is not to instill into students what has been known.

Instead, the teacher and the students are equal, in that they do not know what is going to happen. In the training process, they explore ways to explore the unknown and feel the joy of continuously knowing the unknown.

In this way, they return to the state of being a baby and seek the sound of the nature.


Value of HSYQ:

It starts from the feeling of an individual life.

It ignites the fire of life.

It lights up a world overflowing with vigor.


© June 2015 Han Jingchen