For Han Shi Yi Quan beginners

Ren Qingtao

1. What is Han Shi Yi Quan?

Han Shi Yi Quan, literally meaning the “Han-Family Yi Quan”, was founded by Master Han Jingchen at the beginning of the 21st century. Although it originated from Yi Quan founded by Master Wang Xiang Zhai, it has revolutionized the traditional Yi Quan in both theory and training.


2. What do Han Shi Yi Quan practitioners pursue?

To be natural in all of our movements.


3. What does “nature” or “natural” mean in Han Shi Yi Quan?

Look at the animals in the wild. How smoothly and quickly the leopard runs. How fearful and powerful he is, even when he is just lying there napping.


4. How should I begin to practice it?

First know your natural state –find the feeling of fear and impending danger, before you practice anything.


5. How long should I practice every day?

If you can, try to do the whole exercises. Usually they will need one hour or 1.5 hours to complete. Caution: the practice will be useless unless you practice in the natural state – feeling of fear and impending danger.


6. I don’t have any idea about what Master Han says. What should I do?

First, never leave because you don’t have any idea. Speak your questions and ask for explanations. If you still cannot grasp it, just do it. As Master often says, whoever knows or does not know it should go and practice it, as practice will help reveal it.


7. Any other advice?

Take your time doing it, practicing it, and enjoying it. It needs time for one to truly know it. Do what Master Han tells you to do and your nature will reveal. Also keeping a Yi Quan diary will be helpful.