Founding of the HSYQ System

by Master Han Jingchen

Founding of the HSYQ System


Theoretical system of HSYQ

The HSYQ theoretical system builds on the rules of the natural law. It proves, through movements, the existence of life and its phenomena, so that one can understand the meaning and value of his or her own life. It also helps people feel with their own body that the natural rules are existent, but not abstract or conceptual theories.


The natural rules in HSYQ are:

1. Uniqueness

2. Possibility

3. Homogeneity[1]

4. The law of life and death, and

5. The Instant and the permanent


How to get to your pure natural movements? The process must follow the natural generation formula as follows:

Natural conditions

Natural evolution


Natural result


Training system of HSYQ

Our natural able movements are movements that work by following the natural rules. All of our natural able movements are based on the same principles and rules. “Dao exists everywhere” (in Daoism). “Keep your mind free from particularization.” (In Buddhism).


Segmentation of HSYQ training system

1. Our natural state can be divided into the “normal state” and the “abnormal state,” in terms of the phenomena of our natural able movements.

2. It can also be divided according to the categorizing inertia[2] of the society people.

3. It can also be divided according to the objective process that we go through to accept a new thing.


HSYQ can be divided into:

1. The shesheng training course

2. The primary training course

3. The middle training course


© June 2015 Han Jingchen



[1] In HSYQ, the term “homogeneity” as defined as all natural phenomena having features in common.

[2] We are used to categorizing things as society people from social perspectives. In HSYQ, we call this tendency as the “inertia of society.”